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Constitutional Law Foundation never gives, loans or sells or clients information to any one or company. If you are just visiting our site, we do not collect any personally identifiable information, or use http "cookies". We may collect general web server info, such as is commonly logged by web servers and search engines. This data does not identify your e-mail, or any personal information. It may tell us where the request for the page came from. (your internet service provider, and or the search term used) This information is used in the form of general statistics to help us maintain our site.

Information you submit to us (our comment forms, or by e-mail) are subject to our privacy policy. Offsite links are not.

Forms on this site:

If you elect to provide us with personal information (by submitting our comment forms or e-mail), we do not share or sell your information. We do not use this information for re-sale or any outside marketing. Information collected is used for contacting you for the purpose requested. Simply put, if you include your e-mail address, we will probably reply to your e-mail, and will not use the information otherwise.

Contacting Us:

You may contact us by e-mail at You may call us at #541_683_4492. Our address and other info is at About_us.

Dispute Resolution:

If you feel we have not lived up to this privacy policy, contact our customer service at, and we will correct the problem.

We are committed to privacy and support current industry initiatives to preserve individual privacy rights on the Internet. Personal data privacy is a new and evolving area, and is evolving to meet these demands. Mistakes are possible; miscommunication is possible. If you have any comments or questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us. We will address any issue to the best of our abilities.


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